What is Paintless Dent Removal ?

Paintless dent removal (PDR) is the fine art of gently massaging the back of the dent with specalised hand tools. This process manipulates the metal and eases it back to its original finish without harming the paint work. The process is quicker, less expensive than a conventional repair, no filling required, no painting required, and is environmentally friendly.

Dents, Dings and Creases

The three areas which determine the price quoted are the size, sharpness, and the location of the damage on the vehicle.

1. Car park dings, dents and creases, can all vary in size from a 5c coin to a cricket ball.

2. The depth of the damage is also taken into account. In some cases, where the dent or crease is too sharp (but repairable), the technician will advise the customer that the paint may crack and a touch up may be required.

3. The location of the dent or crease determines the repair time and whether our tools can access the damage. It is very rare, if damage is not accessible.

An estimate can be given over the phone, however confirmation of prices are given once a technician sites the damage on the vehicle.

Hail Damage

The hail damaged vehicle is sited by a technician at your home, work, or our premises, whichever you prefer, and a quotation is issued. Once the vehicle is assessed by your insurance company, Elite Dent Removal can take care of the rest. We can advise you of the steps required from your insurance claim through to your perfectly repaired vehicle. Elite Dent Removal is recognised and works in conjunction with all major insurance companies, which rely on the PDR system for hail damage.